Your home is literally like new inside. But before you get carried away by the stunning, new interior . . .

First imagine one of those perfect coastal days. The front and sliding glass doors between the living room and your private outdoor courtyard are wide open. Some friends are sharing stories and drinks around the outside table.

Even more good food in the dining room off the kitchen draws folks in from the living room. The kitchen and dinette windows looking out onto the courtyard are wide open as well. The connectedness of it all makes it feel like one large indoor-outdoor living area.

Back in the kitchen, your guests compliment your granite countertops and stainless steel appliances (not to mention the new flooring, new paint, and new window coverings) while more mealtime fixings are prepared.

Then, as the cool, coastal evening rolls in and guests head out, fall back on the sofa, kick your feet up, and relax by your living room fireplace.